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Executive Branch and Legislative Branch: Government “Takings of Intellectual Property” under the Fifth Amendment Clause

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Larry Golden CDMC PDF

Discovery Documents Produced as Evidence of “Government Takings”

Judicial Branch: Government “Takings of Patent Property” under the Fifth Amendment Clause

Complaint (Case No. 19-104C) filed on January 17, 2019 in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims (CFC)

Request made to Chief Judge Sweeney for the Removal of Senior Judge Bruggink


Is it a Government Fifth Amendment Patent Takings Case?  

 Is it a Government

Infringement case?  

 Judge Susan G. Braden: Two Different Memorandum Opinions for the Same Infringement Devices, Products, etc. Claimed in CFC; Case No. 13-307C

Order Denying Government’s Motion to Dismiss

Memorandum Opinion Granting Government’s Motion

 Inventions Subject Matter 

Larry Golden, CEO

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